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Welcome to our online job and internship posting system!

You will also need to please make appointments with the Career Services staff by clicking on the "Make Appointments" announcement.

Once registered, you can search for jobs and internships at any time from any computer.

If you want employers to consider you when they are searching for candidates, you must upload a resume.

Review the Resume Authorizations carefully and select the option that is appropriate for you. You may change your Authorization at any time.

Contact the Career Services office if you have questions.

If you would like to make an appointment, please click the link below:

• Vanessa Rubinfeld-1st, 2nd & 3rd Year Students

• Robyn Dizes-4th Year Students, Graduate Students and Internships

Career Services Mission Statement:

“We equip students to create their own opportunities for professional development and success.”

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GoinGlobal provides both country-specific and USA city-specific jobs,internships,and OPT opportunities for students and alumni. The new database features 38 Country Career Guides, 53 City Career Guides for the United States and Canada, corporate profiles and more than 16 million internship and job listings within the USA and around the world.

Go to the website.

See and hear yourself responding to real interview

questions before being in front of an employer.

Prepare for any job or grad school interview, choose

from pre-selected interviews or a library of 400+


Critique yourself or share your interview with others.

Practice as much as you’d like— from home or at any

computer with a webcam.

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Beeya is the solution to your job hunt. Instead of searching through individual job sites such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkUp, Nexxt, Joveo, and more, Beeya partners with each of these to bring all job listings onto one convenient platform.

Users are able to input criteria such as “Nursing” in the area of “Orange County” and search through millions of job listings that apply to them. Additionally, Beeya’s algorithm learns about you as you click through these jobs and will be able to suggest jobs they haven’t yet engaged with.

If a student creates a free profile on, they will receive a match-percentage to those same jobs; “Alex, you and this nursing job on ZipRecruiter are a 92% match." The more information entered into a profile, the more accurate the matches are. Unlike other job websites, we never match off of key words.

Why is Beeya helpful for students? Because instead of applying for jobs through countless websites, you’re able to find and apply for jobs in one place, get matched with jobs that best suit you, and ultimately, get hired.

Go to the website.

Warning: False job/internship listings are typically used to illegally collect personal information from job seekers. While Career Services & Internships does not knowingly accept fraudulent job/internship postings, regrettably, false postings may appear from time to time. It is the responsibility of users to do their due diligence before interviewing with or accepting offers from companies posting job/internship listings. If you believe that you have submitted an application to a fraudulent job/internship posting, please stop all communication with that employer/organization immediately and please notify Robyn Dizes at (jobs and internships).

About Our Services

You must register with CCN to use our services. Once registered, you may:

  • Search for jobs posted exclusively to Soka University of America; search the Jobs Central® national job board and the Intern Central® national internship board.
  • Build a résumé with Résumé Builder, or upload a résumé file to Resume Central® so you can apply directly to jobs and/or allow it to be searched by employers (if you so authorize). Your résumé will be reviewed by our office and must be approved before it can be sent to employers or submitted online to posted jobs.
  • Build an online portfolio in Career Portfolio Central® to support your résumé and demonstrate your best work to employers.
  • Review your job search history. Report offers/hires.
  • Receive emails about programs, services and job-related topics.
  • Gain access to announcements, upcoming events, career advice documents, career advice videos, podcasts, and career articles from over 125 authors.
  • Search our Mentoring Network to find profiles of people who work in your fields of interest and contact them online.
  • You may also join our Mentoring Network without registering in Alumni Central. However, you must register in Alumni Central to take advantage of all online services. This includes the opportunity to search and network with other Mentors.
  • If you only wish to complete a Mentoring Profile, please go to our Mentoring Network page.