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IMPORTANT: If you are filing a digital internship contract you must meet with your faculty sponsor and site supervisor first!

Schedule an Appointment

Listed below are options for appointments with staff at the Career Center and elsewhere on campus. You may schedule an appointment online or contact our office to discuss other options.

If you need help with a career realted concern, please schedule an appointment to meet with me.  in the How can we help you box, please list the reason for your appointment.

(example): I want to talk about: student employment, resume, internship, job search, focus 2, etc

For a resume review/help in getting started on your resume, please visit the writing lab.

If you have questions about how to complete internship applications, visit:

  • Career Choice
  • Choice of Major
  • Cover Letter
  • FOCUS2
  • Internship
  • Interview Assistance
  • Job Search
  • Linkedin
  • Resume Review

Seniors, this is your chance to discuss what your plans are after you graduate from Thiel.

these are brief, 15 minute meetings to “check in” with you about your final weeks at Thiel and plans after you graduate, as well as find out any ways that you need help before you leave Thiel. 

Before you meet with us to do your interview, it is helpful if you do the following, before we meet, but if you need help with any of these things, we can talk about it then:

  1. Complete your senior first destination survey.
  2. Submit your resume to College Central
  3. Connect with me on Linked In and Join the Thiel Alumni Group
  4. Join Thiel Connect. 
  • Senior Check-In

We will discuss accommodations needed for different classes.  If documentation is not already on file, please bring with you to your appointment if in person, or email it to disabilityservices@thiel.eduAlso bring/have ready your syllabi for ALL of your classes.

If you are interested in housing accommodations we can also discuss this during your appointment. (Private room, ESA, Service animal)

Purpose: Discuss new accommodation; discuss concern/change with accommodation, discuss testing, discuss peer note taking, discuss SI/PAL or tutoring or housing accommodations

  • Disability Resource Center

Thirty minute academic coaching appointments.

  • Academic Coaching

Required appointment will be a brief check in to see how classes are going, make sure accommodations are sufficient, problem solve any concerns.

  • Disability Resource Center


If you would like to complete an internship either for-credit or non-credit, click on "experiential learning" on the left hand side. You MUST meet with your faculty sponsor (the person who will provide you a grade for you internship) and your site supervisor (the person supervising you at the place of your internship) PRIOR to filing the digital internship contract.

Go to the website.

Thiel Connect

Click here to join!

As a Thiel College student, you now have access to a powerful online and in-person network of diverse mentors. Joining and engaging with the Thiel Connect can help you build connections with alumni and non-alumni professionals, both local and global; and with Thiel faculty and staff.

Use Thiel Connect to:

• Connect with mentors by aligning your interests and/or career goals with theirs.

• Join groups with alumni who have similar interests and backgrounds.

• Look for opportunities to meet with a variety of mentors for singular conversations.

• Meet with mentors once or build a mentoring relationship that can last from a few weeks to many months (or even years!).

• Attend various event offerings

• Get career-related answers from discussion forums.

• Find resources to help with your career process.


1. Click "JOIN TODAY"

2. Select "THIEL LOGIN"

3. Follow steps for Authentication


1. Click "SIGN IN" Box on upper right

2. Select "THIEL LOGIN"

Go to the website.

Remember to save your resume as a PDF before submitting it to the Career Center or a recruiter.

About Our Services

You must register with CCN to use our services. Once registered, you may:

  • Search for jobs posted exclusively to Thiel College; search the Jobs Central® national job board and the Intern Central® national internship board.
  • Upload a résumé file to Resume Central® so you can apply directly to jobs and/or allow it to be searched by employers (if you so authorize). Your résumé will be reviewed by our office and must be approved before it can be sent to employers or submitted online to posted jobs.
  • Build an online portfolio in Career Portfolio Central® to support your résumé and demonstrate your best work to employers.
  • Review your job search history. Report offers/hires.
  • Receive emails about programs, services and job-related topics.
  • Gain access to announcements, upcoming events, career advice documents, career advice videos, podcasts, and career articles from over 125 authors.
  • Manage your on-campus interview schedules.
  • Search our Mentoring Network to find profiles of people who work in your fields of interest and contact them online.