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13 Steps To Help Secure Your Job

Ramon Greenwood -- There may be forces at work beyond your control that can disrupt your career path and put your job at risk, but there are at least 13 steps you can take to help secure your employment and advance you toward your career goals.

1. Come to work early and stay late. This schedule demonstrates, like nothing else, that you are making the extra effort. The extra time enables you to plan your day and review your performance at the end of the day. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to get to know the boss and his challenges.

2. Take on extra assignments with a can-do attitude. Volunteer to help others with their work.

3. Recognize that resources, once readily available, are probably now harder to come by. Find ways to do more with less. Be a solution, not a problem.

4. When you come to work leave your personal problems behind. Nobody really wants to hear about your troubles. Dwelling on them diverts your attention and saps the energy you could apply to reaching your career goals.

5. Meet deadlines. Stay on budget. Promise what you will deliver, and deliver what you promise. If you can't deliver, say so up front and explain why. Be prepared to offer alternatives.

6. Don't complain about your workload, especially to your boss. Accentuate the positive.

7. Don't criticize your boss, your employer or your associates. Recognize and respect that they are under greater pressure on the job just as you are.

8. Understand the condition of your employer's business. Know where you and your job fit in. Don't pass along rumors.

9. Maintain and expand your network of contacts on and off the job. Keep your resume up-to-date...just in case things go sour with your job.

10. Learn new skills that will improve your performance and prepare you for a promotion.

11. Maintain your sense of humor; but cut out the practical jokes and horsing around that disrupt work. Work with a positive attitude.

12. Don't resist change. Be flexible. Manage new conditions and requirements to your advantage.

13. Be sure your boss knows of your contribution and accomplishments. If your employer doesn't provide regular performance reviews, ask your boss to discuss your performance and your career goals.

These 13 steps can help assure career success in good times and bad.

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