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Business Behaviors You Need to Develop for Successful Career Planning

Cecile Peterkin -- When it comes to strategic career planning, approach it as if you were building your own business. A personal coach outlines the foundations for long-term career success.

Managing your career and managing a business are similar in so many ways. If you want to be successful in your career or your business, you need to set your eyes on your goals and stay committed to achieving them. In addition to this, there are other business behaviors you need to develop so you may advance in your career.

Financial management

If you’re not good at managing your own finances, you will have a hard time managing others. Good managements skills are a necessity if you want to advance in your career.

Relationship oriented

Your career growth can strongly be influenced by how strong your relationships are with your professional network. No matter how far you’ve reached in the career ladder and how fast you reach your position, you will always need the support of your peers.

Familiarity with Technology

Being familiar with modern and important technology will help you overcome various technical challenges. You may also use such technology to become more productive and efficient. Your knowledge of available tools will also enable you to create methodologies or systems that will help your organization save time and money.

Solid personal brand

A strong personal brand can get you recognized as a highly reliable person, especially in instances where individuals with your strengths and skills are needed. When an opportunity becomes available and your name gets mentioned, it is your brand that will convince people that you are the person to call.

Self awareness

There is no reason you should shy away from your weaknesses. Rather, you have to be fully aware of them so that you will know which aspects of yourself need to be improved. Through self-awareness, you will also be able to pursue learning opportunities when possible.

Self marketing

Even if you’re not in the sales department, it is important that you know how to sell yourself confidently.

Problem solving skills

To be able to advance your career, you need to develop the ability to identify problems and solve them. You can take advantage of such skills even when you have to work with a group, and it will also help you overcome any challenges as you move along your career path.


Having a positive mindset and attitude can keep your eyes open to great opportunities and alternatives especially when you’re encountering difficult situations.

Values oriented

There is nothing more important than staying true to your values and beliefs in life. Wherever your career path may take you, it is important that you do things according to your values. In the end, this will be your means of measuring your career success.

When it comes to strategic career planning, you have to approach it like building your own business. You know a lot of work has to be done and so many challenges and difficulties may come your way. The biggest weapon you’ve got is your determination, commitment and belief in yourself that you can be whatever you want to be.

Cecile Peterkin is a certified career and retirement coach, and a registered member of the Career Professionals of Canada and the International Coach Federation. She is also the Founder and Senior Career Strategist at Cosmic Coaching Center, provider of career and life management services for middle managers and mid-career professionals across Canada, United States and Europe.

© 2015 Cecile Peterkin

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