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Shopping 101: What To Buy And When To Buy It

Sarah Titus -- Want to save money throughout the year? Here's a month-by-month guideline of when to get the best deals on just about everything from school supplies, technology and electronics to clothing, sporting goods, and tires.


-- All things Christmas. Christmas wrapping paper, gift cards, gift wrap, bows, bags, ornaments, stockings, toys, gifts. It's all 50% off. That's the best time to shop actually, so there is always still the good stuff left. Weeks later, it'll start going to 60% off, 75% off, 90% off, but by then, everything is picked over. So, shop the day after to about a week after Christmas at the 50% and you'll score the best deals. If your smart about it, you can have most of your shopping done for the next year, a whole year early! This is how I personally save MASSIVE amounts at Christmas time. A few new friends pop into your life during the year, no problem. Your budget is not even dented yet!

-- Chinaware. If your looking to buy chinaware, wait until January. Worst time to sell it; best time to buy it!

-- Small appliances. OK, so I know that most people think Black Friday is the best time to purchase... well... everything. But it's not. You'll score the best deals on small appliances in January as Christmas is over and stores are making room on their shelves for the newest models. I know... it's SO last season.


-- Sporting goods stores run sales on discontinued items and last year's models in February. Great time to stock up on those soccer cleats or baseball jersey. Have a guy in your life? Your Christmas present can be snagged at rock bottom prices at these sales!

-- Air conditioners / Fans. Since it's technically still winter, it's the last thing on your mind, right. It shouldn't be. You'll find clearance tags and great deals on 'summery' supplies.

-- After Valentine's day supplies for the next year are all on clearance the day after Valentine's Day! Mmm, candy.


-- Luggage. Planning a summer vacation? Luggage is at its best prices in March.

-- Skiing Equipment. Winter is just about over. Spring is beginning. That means clearance for all those winter supplies.

-- Houseware items are usually on sale during March. If your looking for a new pots/pan set, now's the time to buy!


-- Winter shoes, slippers, socks, hosiery. It's all going on clearance now to make room for spring items. My favorite shoe brand is Skechers. I don't wear anything else. I love to check my local stores for those shoes. also has a great selection of clearance items this month, but check them often, as they usually go fast.

-- Sewing supplies are on sale this month, though honestly I have no clue as to the reasoning behind it. Visit your local fabric stores for some pretty awesome deals.


-- Jewelry is a hot selling item for Mother's Day, so you'll score some great deals on jewelry this month. Get that special necklace you've been wanting or for the other women in your life.

-- Auto repair shops and tire specialty stores are offering great sales on tires this month.

-- Want to upgrade your TV? This month is the best month of the year to do that. Grab last year's model at a fraction of the cost. Check those clearances and shop around.


-- Men's clothing is on sale. Nothing says Happy Father's Day like a new shirt or tie. Score the best deals in men's clothing this month.

-- Likewise, tools will be on sale! Check and other hardware stores for some great deals.

-- Need a new floor covering or rug? It's on sale in June.


-- Technology. iPods, iPads, iPhones, CD players, DVD players, and the like are all on sale in July. Yes, there REALLY IS a 'Christmas in July!'

-- Speaking of Christmas in July, scour the ads, check online, walk down the clearance toy aisles, and your likely to see some fantastic toy deals. Perfect time for scoring those Christmas presents on the sly. Most people think Christmas in July is a myth. I tell you, sometimes, its BETTER than Black Friday. I know, gasp right.


My favorite month of the year, and not just because it's my birthday month.

-- School supplies, my friend. Stores like Staples, Target, and other retailers are starting to stock their shelves with school supplies and they are running some fabuLESS sales! Every year, I get all my school supplies during August. Staples has a lot of penny sales during this month as well. I have my kids go with me. If the limit is say 2 per item. I have my kids pay, their limit is 2. They are customers and what checker can resist receiving a penny from a little child! They get to pick out supplies on the super cheap. It's a lot of fun. I love motivating them for school in simple ways. They look forward to August... probably not more than Christmas though.

-- Do you like department store cosmetics, but not the prices? Great news! They're on sale this month.

-- Jackets/Coats. OK, really. Who's thinking about coats in August. Well, I am. I'm quite obsessed with coats. So, I love to have a new one (or few) each year. August is the best time to buy. See I told you August was awesome!


-- Fall fashion. Stores continue to begin to stock their shelves with coats and that means a nice 30-50% off for you!

-- Get your gardening plans ready for next Spring because gardening supplies are on sale in September.

-- A new car. OK, maybe not NEW, but last years model for sure. For over a decade, I worked in banking. I know that the minute you drive that brand new model off the lot, you lose $2K right off the bat. If you REALLY want to save money. Buy a car that is 3-5 years old and has no more than 30,000 miles on it. That is the best bang for your buck. It'll last you a long time and someone ELSE lost those thousands of dollars in the first years of owning a brand NEW car.


-- Ringing in 4th on the list, aside from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas in July, the weekend before Halloween and continuing through Halloween you'll find some pretty amazing pre-Black Friday deals. You'll see everything from clothes to toys to electronics up to 30% off! I'll just tell you know. Shopping for Christmas gifts in December is like the kiss of death. It's the WORST time you can possibly buy and want to save money!

-- Retailers expected to sell a ton of denim jeans for back to school, but they didn't sell enough. Good news for you: they're heavily discounted. Check Sears and JC Penney's this month for some fabuLESS deals!


-- Left over Halloween items. Mmmm, more candy.

-- Linens and bedding are also discounted in October.

-- Womens' shoes are on sale in November. Great time to stock up. Remember that as an adult, your foot size doesn't change, so if you have a particular brand and style of shoes that you like to keep one pair on hand every year, feel free to STOCK UP for years to come if you find them at a great deal.


-- Never buy Christmas gifts or decorations in December. Ever. You'll think your saving money, but your actually over-paying.

-- Thanksgiving decorations and foods are on sale. If you like, say olives or Stove Top Stuffing year round, now's a good time to pick them up. Anything Thanksgiving related will be on sale. Check the products expiration date and purchase accordingly to supply your family for 3-6 months of those products. Doing so, will keep your grocery bill down. I'll teach you how to do that with all your groceries in the couponing section.

-- Children's clothing is on major clearance! You'll score some great deals. Remember to check Sears and JC Penney's for some fabuLESS clearance deals. They usually have snowsuits that retail upwards of $50-$60 for only $5-$6. Resell them on eBay or Craigslist and make some money! I sold children's clothing for many years and that is exactly what I did. People pay more for brand name clothing, even more so with tags attached. Get yourself a clothing rack and your good to go.


How do you save money throughout the year? I'd love to hear from you. Comment on my blog at:

© 2014 Sarah Titus

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