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What Eyewear Frames Suit Me Best?

Dr. Mark Fromer -- Selecting a pair of glasses is about more than just seeing well. It's also about looking good. Here are some points to consider before choosing a frame.

You need to determine your face shape and coloring and consider these points when choosing a frame:

-- Make sure that the eyes are positioned in the middle of the lens. If they are close-set, avoid large frames.

-- The eyebrows should align with the top bar of the glasses.

-- Keep in mind that oval faces are balanced on top and bottom, and can support any type of frame.

-- A thin face seems wider and shorter with larger frames. Also, frames that that have color, width, or trimming near the sides will broaden the face.

-- For a square face, try round frames made of thin metal to soften the angular look.

-- Remember that round faces should avoid round frames; wear boxy or rectangular frames.

-- Balance a heart-shaped face, which has a wide forehead and angles down to a small chine, with frames that are wider at the bottom than at the top.

-- A diamond-shaped face, which has a narrow forehead, wide temples and an angular chin, should wear small frames in geometric or oval shapes to minimize the horizontal distance between the temples.

-- Choose samller frames if there is facial hair such as a beard. Large frames will further mask the features.

-- Small heads should stick with small frames. Make sure the glasses aren't any wider than the widest part of the face.

-- Large heads should select large frames that fit comfortably. Avoid glasses that appear to squeeze your face or temples.

-- In addition to the face shape, your coloring also determines the choice of eyewear frames. People are either warm colored (yellowish skin tone) or cool colored (bluish skin tone).

-- People who have warm coloring should go for eyewear frames that are in the colors of gold, camel, orange, copper, khaki, peach, cream, coral, and off-white. Those with cool coloring have the choice of plum, black, pink, blue, gray, and magenta for eyeglass frames. Remember, dark frames can weigh down the face and make it appear heavier.

Mark D. Fromer, M.D., board certified ophthalmologist in surgery and treatment of eye diseases, has the distinction of being the eye surgeon for the New York Rangers hockey team. Dr. Fromer specializes in laser vision correction procedures, lectures extensively throughout the U.S., and maintains a very active role in teaching advanced surgical techniques and laser vision correction surgery to fellow ophthalmologists. For more information on this and other forms of advanced vision care, visit Fromer Eye Centers.

© 2011 Dr. Mark Fromer

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