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Learning From Fido (or, the real gurrrrus online)

Larry Johnson -- If dogs were teachers we would all learn a great deal about life, love, and work, including the Internet.

I received a simple e-mail message from one of my online friends recently that pointed out some of the traits of dogs which are positive. admirable, and worthy of imitation.

For example: Dogs always run to greet you when you come home and they are happy to see you. No questions about where you have been or why you were late. They are just very happy that you are home.

They are great at knowing when to take a nap or on warm days they know when to stop and lie back in the grass and relax.

One of our Poms that we had was good at reminding me when it was time for a break from the computer by jumping up on my leg for some attention.

On hot days, they drink lots of water and find a nice shade tree to get under.

When they are happy, they just dance around and wag their entire bodies.

No matter how often they are scolded, they don't bear grudges...they just run right back and make friends.

Most dogs will avoid biting when a simple growl will do. (Could this be applied to some people's over-reaction to spam messages?)

Dogs like to run, romp, and play daily, and yet they can find delight in the simple joy of a long walk with you.

They can eat with a great deal of gusto and enthusiasm, but stop when they have had enough.

They are loyal.

They never pretend to be something that they are not. (gurrrus...maybe?)

If they want something and it lies buried, they simply dig until they find it.

When someone is having a bad day, they can be silent, sit close by, and nuzzle gently.

Well, wouldn't life online and off be simpler and better for all if we adopted many of the qualities that we find in our dogs?

Hoping that you have a GRRREAT day!

Best of luck in your online efforts.

The author, Larry Johnson, is publisher of the Biz Site Biz e-zine, a free weekly business promotion newsletter full of timely tips, original "How-To" articles, resources, quotes, and humor, in it's fourth year of publication. He also is Web master of several sites online. Come on down to Biz Site Biz at and join in discovering better ways to market and promote on the Internet! Or subscribe by e-mail:

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