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Secrets of Body Language

Karen Sielski -- With 97% of communication being non-verbal, body language speaks volumes about who we are.

I just watched a show on the secrets of body language on the history channel and found the information fascinating. Researchers report that 93 percent of all communication is non-verbal. That's right, only 7 percent of communication is based on our words, yet that's what most of us focus on. The rest is through gesture, facial expression, pitch, tone of voice, body movement, and posture.

One of the most fascinating segments on the show was the segment based on analyzing politicians. This part was very interesting, especially when it showed world leaders jockeying for position in different scenarios.

When shaking hands, the hand on top or in front has more control. For this politicians jockey to be on the right so their hand is on top. And when one politician pats another on the back, the one patting has more power, so they maneuver to put themselves in position to be the one patting, or maneuver to make sure the other one can't pat them on the back.

Did you know the last politican going through a door has the most power? They certainly know it. Video clips of politicans maneuvering to be last through a door was fascinating. In one video, Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat almost started fist fighting over who was going to be last through a door.

If you are in sales, learning the secrets of body language is essential if you want to make more sales. There was an excellent section on selling. People buy not based on the product, they don't even buy based on the data of the product. They buy based on how they feel about the salesman. If you are in sales, how do your customers feel about you?

If you are in sales you must have a genuine smile, and natural confidence but not over confidence or you'll come across as arrogant. And you don't want to appear distant.

Establishing rapport is crucial in politics and sales. Bill Clinton was great at establishing rapport. He had the classic charismatic factors such as likeability, power, and attractiveness. He was a powerhouse, coming across as very open with nothing to hide.

Knowing the secrets of body language is also essential if you want to be a great speaker. There are some things all great speakers do. First and foremost, every great speaker who speaks formally expresses from the heart. And their face, head, gestures, and body are in alignment to signify integrity. In another interesting video clip, it was interesting to note how these were not in alignment when Bill Clinton first addressed the "intern incident".

Next time you are speaking, either in person or in an online video, don't just focus on your words, focus on the other 93 percent of communication. Think about what your gestures, facial expression, tone of voice, and posture are conveying to your audience.

Karen Sielski is an entrepreneur and consultant specializing in online marketing for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and network marketers. She has over 20 years of experience in high-tech, and has had a variety of senior engineering and management positions. She has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University. Karen has the technical background to understand complex online marketing concepts. She thrives on finding simple ways to get maximum results for her clients in the most cost effective manner. For more information, visit:

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