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At M State, we prepare students for careers with 70 occupational programs in six major career fields. Each year we confer nearly 1,500 associate-level degrees, diplomas and certificates to graduates ready to join the workforce or continue their education.


Connect to M State students in a number of ways:

  • Post job and internship openings
  • Attend job fairs and networking events
  • Participate in resume review and mock interview events

M State also offers solutions to develop your workforce. Our Workforce Development Solutions staff works closely with employers to provide businesses and individuals with consulting, assessment, education and training services. Call GL Tucker at 218.846.3765.




Post to the Minn State Colleges Career Hub Consortium for FREE
We are one of 14 schools in the Minn State Colleges Career Hub Consortium. You may post to all of these schools including Minnesota State Community and Technical College for FREE.


Thank you for partnering with Minnesota State Community and Technical College.For those of you who have previously posted your opportunities at the college, we hope you enjoy the excellent features of our new College Central Network (CCN) tool. It will enable you to better manage your account and seek out qualified candidates from our four campuses.

Please add and my email address to your email contacts so you will receive periodic announcements about events and other connecting opportunities.

Contact me if you need assistance or have questions.

Sue Zurn, Career Services Director | 218-299-6515

Minnesota State Community and Technical College is committed to providing resources and services that will enhance career development opportunities for our students and alumni. We are equally committed to providing services that assist employers who are seeking qualified candidates for employment opportunities.


Minnesota State Community and Technical College (M State) Career Services provides an online job board through College Central Network (CCN), available at, where employers post information about current job openings for students and alumni as a free service to all parties.


All employers must create an account which must be approved by M State Career Services before jobs will be permitted to be posted. For best results to verify company and position information and for students/alumni to search your company and positions, complete all information fields in addition to required information fields.

Employers understand:

• accounts may be rejected if there is not sufficient evidence provided in the profile to verify that the organization is an established and legitimate company.

• network marketing, pyramid selling, referral marketing, multi-level, or door-to-door marketing employers or positions will not be approved.

• responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of student/alumni information, regardless of the source, including M State’s CCN site.


Third party recruiters are welcomed to post positions for which they are actively recruiting on behalf of their clients.

• Client information may be kept confidential.

• Positions may be full-time, part-time, temporary, or temp-to-hire and the status must be stated.

• The third party recruiter must state that it will not charge any fees to students or alumni in the job posting.

• Submissions in which the third party recruiter only promotes their services with the intent of creating a pipeline of future candidates will not be approved.


Postings will remain active for the stated timeframe employers have set. Once a posting expires, it is the responsibility of the employer to repost it.

The following types of positions will not be approved if:

• the employment opportunity involves on-campus solicitation or on-campus sales.

• the applicant is required to purchase, rent, or obtain a line of credit (personal or corporate) for any type of sales kit or presentation supplies.

• the employment or internship opportunity is contingent upon the applicant paying a fee for employment or placement services.

• the posting is for a part-time commission-only position.

• the posting is for advertisements for competitions or contests.

• the employment opportunity resides in a private residence, unless if arranged through a service provider with approved employer status.

We ask that postings intended for alumni require no more than five (5) years of work experience within the field.


We welcome opportunities for our students to learn through internship opportunities.

We recommend:

• Internships consist of structured learning experiences with outlined responsibilities, regular supervision and an evaluation process.

• Outlined responsibilities should relate directly to the student’s major or career interests.

We require:

• Paid and unpaid internships with for-profit companies must adhere to the U.S. Department of Labor guidelines.


• Employers must comply with EEO and Affirmative Action principles and laws in recruiting and hiring activities.

• M State Career Services does not perform background checks on candidates applying for positions nor on employers posting job opportunities. Employers and candidates are encouraged to request reference information from each other as needed.

• M State Career Services is not a placement service and will not recommend individual students for employment opportunities.

• Career Services seeks to protect instructional time. Please respect instructors’ responsibility to teach and students’ time to learn. Opportunities may be provided throughout the year to connect with students and faculty.

• M State reserves the right to reject or revoke an organization, contact, or job posting that violates these guidelines or does not reflect the mission and values of the Minnesota State Community and Technical College.

Thank you for your cooperation and for seeking M State students and alumni to fill your hiring needs.

Revised 3/18

About Our Services

Our online Employer Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You must register your organization with our office prior to accessing these services. Once your registration is reviewed, if it is approved you will receive an email which includes a link to activate your account.

If approved, depending on your access level, you will be able to use some or all of the services listed below:

  • Job Posting
    Post jobs targeted to Minnesota State Community and Technical College students, alumni.
  • Résumé Search
    Search résumés of our students, alumni.
  • Portfolio Search
    Search career portfolios that have been prepared by our students, alumni.