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Once you have registered with CCN, please utilize these helpful tips and suggestions!



  • Select Search for Jobs/Opportunities Posted to My School, enter criteria specific to the type of opportunity you are seeking and then Begin Search. 
  • Monitor your job search through View My Job Search History.
  • Complete the Report Offers/Hires when you are offered a job.
  • Review the Career Advice Documents and Video Library to get additional job search tips and company info.


  • You can upload your resume and allow employers to view your information.
  • You can also build a portfolio showing examples of your work and talent.


  • Visit for additional assistance with résumé or cover letter writing, interview preparation, and employment opportunities.


Cameron University Career Services acts only as a referral service and makes no particular recommendations regarding employers. We make no representations of guarantees about positions posted by our office. Career Services is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of off-campus employment. Due to the volume of jobs received by this office, we are unable to research the integrity of each organization or person that lists a job with us. Therefore, you are urged to undertake this responsibility yourself. If numerous complaints are given to us about particular employer, we will refuse to use their services for our students.

Cameron University Career Services makes a concerted effort to list only legitimate companies. However, we cannot do a full background check or take responsibility for the actions of employees of individual companies who list jobs with us. It is up to students and alumni to use reasonable caution when entering personal information on resumes and setting up interviews. In the unlikely event that a problem is encountered with a company listed through Career Services, please notify our office promptly.

Welcome to our online job posting and resume database system.

The Access ID number is your Student ID number (last six digits only do not include your initials).

Once registered, you can search for jobs at any time from any computer.

If you want employers to consider you when they are searching for candidates, please upload a resume.

If you want to upload a resume in order to send it to potential employers but do not want an employer to search your resume, select the second authorization option on your registration form.

Contact Career Services at (580) 581-6769 if you have questions.

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About Our Services

You must register with CCN to use our services. Once registered, you may:

  • Search for jobs posted exclusively to Cameron University; search the Jobs Central® national job board and the Intern Central® national internship board.
  • Build a résumé with Résumé Builder, or upload a résumé file to Resume Central® so you can apply directly to jobs and/or allow it to be searched by employers (if you so authorize).
  • Build an online portfolio in Career Portfolio Central® to support your résumé and demonstrate your best work to employers.
  • Review your job search history. Report offers/hires.
  • Receive emails about programs, services and job-related topics.
  • Gain access to announcements, upcoming events, career advice documents, career advice videos, podcasts, and career articles from over 125 authors.