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About College Central

What is College Central?

College Central is your gateway to a career advancement network that provides leading-edge technology for connecting employers with qualified emerging talent, quickly and easily.

Who is it for?

College Central is absolutely free for any student enrolled at a U.S. college; alumnus/a of a U.S. college; community resident taking classes at a U.S. college; or student attending one of our partner high schools.

Why College Central?

College Central is committed to helping you reach your career goals. It's easy to use and mobile-friendly. You can search, save, and instantly apply to opportunities that match your skills and interests.

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The College Central Network Job Agent matches registered job seekers to thousands of new jobs daily! Upload your resume, get notified of matching opportunities and apply to jobs anytime.

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The best way to start your job search, explore job and internship postings, be matched with opportunities, and apply for jobs on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

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College Central Podcasts

College Central podcasts provide clear, concise tips and advice for job search and career related issues. Listen to expert insight and instruction on résumés, interviews, internships, etiquette, and much more.

Newly posted local and national job opportunities.

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College Central is a leading source for employment, job search, and career information for students and alumni across the nation. Explore high quality, local and national job opportunities in a wide array of professions. Make your next career move the right one: sign up with College Central and launch your career today!

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