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    Spark and Hustle Youth Scholarship Fund
    Event Type Scholarship/Fellowship
    Date Tuesday, June 5, 2012
    Time Summer 2012
    Location Multiple Locations
    Multiple Locations
    Hosted by Spark and Hustle

    Turn STUDENTS into SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS with the Spark & Hustle Youth Scholarship Fund

    You don't need us to tell you that the job market for new grads isn't rosey. That's leading many college students to seriously consider entrepreneurship.

    We're excited about this renewed focus in pursuing the original American dream and our Spark & Hustle conferences for current and aspiring small business owners offer the perfect dose of real-world advice and motivation to get your students going.

    We have a generous scholarship program exclusively for current students, which reduces the cost of attending a Spark & Hustle conference to just $25. It's a series of 20 one-day events, so whether your students are on campus or out of state for the summer, we're coming to a city near them. For only $25, even if they're not yet sold on a particular business idea, this is a great way to jump into the world of entrepreneurship to get their wheels moving.

    With top notch speakers, serious focus on strategy and all sorts of surprises—plus lunch and snacks too—the content and camraderie at Spark & Hustle can't be beat.

    If your students would benefit from exposure to our programming, consider sharing the news and encouraging your students to apply for the scholarship today.

    Details can be found here.

    If you have any questions or need any materials to use in spreading the word to your students, please feel free to call Alex Hall at (212) 290-2600 or email at Alex@sparkandhustle.com.


    Tory Johnson Spark & Hustle 2012 National Tour Dates

    New York: May 22

    Los Angeles: May 31

    Washington DC: June 5

    Minneapolis: June 7

    Raleigh: June 12

    Atlanta: June 15

    Tampa: June 19

    Dallas: June 21

    Tulsa: June 25

    Nashville: June 27

    Denver: July 10

    Houston: July 12

    San Francisco: July 17

    Seattle: July 19

    Chicago: July 24

    Detroit: July 26

    Phoenix: August 2

    Boston: August 7

    Pittsburgh: August 9


    Go to: http://www.newletter@sparkandhustle.com

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