Suggestions for Searching Jobs on the Job Board

Our office recommends that you do not enter anything in the search fields when searching for a job on the job board. Not all Employers enter in the specific majors or classifications that they are looking for and therefore their job might not show up if you choose a major or classification while performing a search.

For example: ABCD Company is looking for nurses so they posted a job on the Bulldog Job Board. When they posted it they did not enter a major in the major field. Anita Job, a recent grad from SWOSU went in and searched for jobs one day. She listed Nursing in the major field when she did the job search and found no jobs when she completed the search. This is because she limited her search when she entered nursing in the major field. So then Anita Job went back and left the major area blank. When she conducted her search this time she found the job that ABCD Company had posted along with many others that might fit her desires.

The only time we recommend entering an item into a search field is if you have a job ID for the specific job you are looking for or if you are searching for teaching jobs. If you are searching for teaching jobs you can enter “Education” into the School ID field. Upon completing the search you should see only education job listings.
Please let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help.

Thank you,

Career Services Staff