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Alumni your reputation in this community begins here. you have the responsibility to perform in an ethical and professional manner in the job search process. Please use care and courtesy in building relationships with employers and staff. Dress in business attire for interviews and career fairs. Be on time for your appointments. Be honest and follow-through on your commitments. Honor the acceptance of jobs or internships by removing yourself from the applicant pool. Remember to share your success with us. Report a hire!  

When using the services of the Career Success Center at USF Sarasota-Manatee you not only represent yourself, but you also represent the University and your peers. The Career Success Center reserves the right to refuse services to students, alumni and employers who do not perform in an ethical and professional manner. A written letter of apology may be required to be reinstated. Students should do their due diligence in researching the employer and report to the Career Success Center behavior that does not adhere to labor laws.


Please be aware of job scams. Never give out your private information. Be leery of companies outside the local area who ask for your banking information to pay you. If you are uneasy, go with your gut instinct and decline interactions with the company. Please let Career Services know of any suspicion of fraudulent companies at 941-359-3586 or

Go to the website.

I wanted to send to you a link to a new website "Service Programs that Change the World", ( Each year the Center fore Faith and Service identifies and lifts up year long service opportunities that are designed to attract, support and launch individuals before, during or after college.

Below is an article in the Huffington Post that announces this years "class."

At a time when many students are looking for opportunities to serve, these organization are worth investigating.

If you are seeking volunteering opportunities in communities across the region, please contact Kati Hinds, the Coordinator of Student Organizations & Leadership (Student Engagement): / 941.359.4305

USF Sarasota-Manatee is dedicated to providing career opportunities related to the degree programs offered and that will build experiences to help students land their first job or advance within their field. We partner with employers who comply with all state and federal laws and regulations, University policy, as well as the NACE’s Principles for Professional Practice for Employment Professionals - Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension of on campus recruitment activities, including removal of any active job postings within College Central Network.

Additionally, the Career Services has developed the following policies to ensure that USF Sarasota-Manatee students and alumni are treated fairly and are being recruited for viable positions. Career Services reserves the right to deny recruiting privileges (job postings, resume reviews, on campus interviewing, career fairs, etc.) to any organization.

Employers Who Post Jobs With Us Must Have:

• A business address, not a residential address

• A legitimate website

• A business email domain, not a personal e-mail domain

Types of Jobs That Can Be Posted:

• Only job vacancies can be advertised in College Central Network

• Part-time, on- or off-campus positions

• Internships

• Full-time positions

Types of Jobs that Can NOT Be Posted:

• Babysitting or other In-Home Employment

• Door-to-Door Sales positions

• Commission-Only Employment

• Pyramid or Multi-level Opportunities

• Positions Requiring Upfront Purchase of Product of Services

• Job Opportunities Outside the US

Tips to Attract Applicants

Students want to know what will I do and do I qualify for the position. Use clear and concise language. Spell out the essential functions and duties that are critical to the position. Define the knowledge, skills, and experience required to qualify for the position. Other things students consider when reviewing a job lead are: a salary range or starting wage, training opportunities, tuition reimbursement, career pathways and benefits.

Unpaid positons must state that they are unpaid positions. Positions cannot list a wage less than minimum wage. No compete clauses must be stated in the job posting.

Go to the website.

Students and alumni are responsible for all necessary precautions when submitting a resume, interviewing and/or accepting positions listed on the website. It is the user's responsibility to check the accuracy and reliability of information provided as well as the credentials and integrity of the hiring organization.

Please notify Career Services of any unusual job posting. Thank you!

Have you found a job through College Central or Career Services? Don't forget to Report your Hire! All you have to do is sign into your College Central Network account and on that home page under search for opportunities posted to my school, you will click on report offers/hires! The feedback is appreciated. Thank you

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