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Preparation: Research, Read, Review

In order to do well in your interview, no matter where or when it takes place, you need to win the interviewer over rather quickly. This is not always an easy task. But you can overcome this obstacle by being well-prepared. And how do you prepare? Read. That's right, if you want to have a great interview, do your homework and read. Read magazines associated with the industry you're interested in prior to any interviews. This will provide you with current information of what's going on in the field and give you a topic of interest that can start a conversation. Your interviewer may subscribe to the same magazine and could be knowledgeable on the subject. Imagine how impressed he/she will be when they realize that you're keeping yourself abreast of the current industry conditions and procedures.

Find out as much as you can about the company. The more you know, the better you'll do. You want to demonstrate your interest and motivation, and you'll be better able to explain what you can do for the company.

Check with your career services office for resources on various industries. Search the Web for information about the company and its industry. Check for its locations, products and services, customers, competitors, company philosophy, history, recent news, financials—any information you think will help you in the interview.

For more, read our Career Advice Documents or listen to our podcasts on Interviews.

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